Fairlane Road by Cody Lakin

Fairlane Road, Cody Lakin’s second book, includes a seeming villain who magically slips out of police custody, a mysterious “Higher World,” Fairies, Gods and Goddesses, and a potential new world order. I chose 2016 Topps Dee Gordon as my bookmark for this “strange” one. Earlier this year, Dee wanted to honor his late mother, DeVonaContinue reading “Fairlane Road by Cody Lakin”

Oscar Charleston by Jeremy Beer

This one was easy. The Ted Williams Co. created a set in 1993 that included a Negro Leagues subset of 19 cards. Among those featured were Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson, Cool Papa Bell, Buck Leonard. And Oscar Charleston. It is not surprising that Ted Williams championed the Negro League legends in his set. Ted WilliamsContinue reading “Oscar Charleston by Jeremy Beer”