Choose Kindness In Your Heart & Consideration In Your Actions (Just Don’t Be An A**hole)

Welcome To Books and Bookmarks

I like a good story. Whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, I like a narrative, a beginning and an end, a difficulty to overcome, and preferably likeable characters I can root for. This is what I look for both in books and in sports. This blog brings these two areas together.

I often read books on my Kindle or listen to audiobooks through Overdrive or Audible, but when I do read a hard copy of a book, I always use a baseball card as a bookmark. Over the years the habit has evolved from simply using a card I’d choose randomly to looking for a card that seemed appropriate for the book.

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When reading a book about ancient Japan, the biggest Japanese star in MLB history seems like an appropriate bookmark.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a bookmark that has much connection to a book. In that case I’ll usually try to find a player who shares the name of a primary character or someone born or connected to the setting of the book. Failing either of those, I’ll just pick a card that jumps out to me at the time for no other reason.

Here I plan on sharing some of my choices, the reasoning, and maybe a review of the book itself, although my reviews sometimes are as simple as “yeah, I liked it.”

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I also plan on recapping some Strat-O-Matic Baseball here. I will be playing the 2015 season using the 2014 set as well as exploring the Negro League set.

Follow along with me, read with me, give me your book and bookmark suggestions.

Choose kindness in your heart and consideration in your actions (Just don’t be an asshole).

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