Fairlane Road by Cody Lakin

Fairlane Road, Cody Lakin’s second book, includes a seeming villain who magically slips out of police custody, a mysterious “Higher World,” Fairies, Gods and Goddesses, and a potential new world order. I chose 2016 Topps Dee Gordon as my bookmark for this “strange” one.

Earlier this year, Dee wanted to honor his late mother, DeVona Denise Strange, by adding Strange, to his name to become Dee Strange-Gordon. Lakin’s work definitely has some strange to it, so this seemed like a good match.

But wait… there’s more! My coworker Ronnie, Cody’s older brother, has said that Stephen King has been a big influence on Cody’s writing. Dee Strange-Gordon’s father, Tom, was not only a Major League pitcher for 21 years, but an inspiration for Stephen King’s horror novel The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, with the protagonist listening to Gordon pitch on the radio.

I’m looking forward to reading Cody Lakin’s third book, The Girl With a Fairy’s Heart, and I hear his fourth book, not yet published, is his best book yet. But I know none of them will have a character with a more perfect name than the villain Charlie Knox from Fairlane Road.

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