The Negro Baseball Leagues by Bob Motley with Byron Motley

This was a fairly easy bookmark choice. Bob Motley called Willard Brown “The absolute best player I have ever seen don a baseball uniform.” Unfortunately, the Ted Williams Co. did not include Home Run Brown in their 1993 Negro Leagues subset, so I went with Hall of Famer Dave Winfield who wrote a brief forewardContinue reading “The Negro Baseball Leagues by Bob Motley with Byron Motley”

A Promised Land by Barack Obama

(Audiobook) There are a lot of Americans who HATE Barack Obama. My neighbor called him the worst president in his lifetime, making sure to emphasize that that includes Richard Nixon. Maybe he doesn’t believe that Obama’s choices saved the auto industry, saved the banking industry, staved off an even worse economic depression, saw the reductionContinue reading “A Promised Land by Barack Obama”

Oscar Charleston vs. Buck O’Neil Game Six (Best of Nine)

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary when George “Tubby” Scales lead off the bottom of the first in game six by walking. It was his eighth walk of the series, and he would add one more in the 7th inning, giving him nine free passes in the first six games of the best of nineContinue reading “Oscar Charleston vs. Buck O’Neil Game Six (Best of Nine)”

Ask Again, Yes by Mary Beth Keane

Probably the biggest problem with picking an appropriate bookmark for a book is you have to make a decision early enough to actually use the bookmark. It does no good to wait until the last fifty pages, when you’ve already needed to pause many times, to be sure you choose a card with enough relevance.Continue reading “Ask Again, Yes by Mary Beth Keane”

The Last Trial by Scott Turow

(Kindle Book) In The Last Trial by Scott Turrow, Alejandro “Sandy” Stern is back in the Kindle County courtroom to try his last case, defending his friend and fellow Argentinian transplant Kiril Pafko against charges of fraud and murder. I considered several approaches to finding an appropriate bookmark. While there have been quite a fewContinue reading “The Last Trial by Scott Turow”

Oscar Charleston vs. Buck O’Neil Game Five (Best of Nine)

Just like game one of the best of nine series, both Satchel Paige and Hilton Smith pitched well; just like game one, Smith outdueled his former teammate; just like game one, Hilton even rubbed it in against Satch by doubling in one of his three at-bats; and just like game one, both bullpens melted down,Continue reading “Oscar Charleston vs. Buck O’Neil Game Five (Best of Nine)”

Oscar Charleston vs. Buck O’Neil Game Four (Best of Nine)

As expected, the move from Muehlebach Stadium to Hilldale Park led to an explosion of offense. Unexpectedly, that explosion came from only one team. The Buck O’Neil offense jumped out to an early lead, then poured it on late to cruise to a 9-0 win, evening the series at two wins apiece. Buck O’Neil knewContinue reading “Oscar Charleston vs. Buck O’Neil Game Four (Best of Nine)”

Troubled Blood by Robert Galbraith

(Audiobook) Cormoran Strike returns in Troubled Blood, the fifth in Robert Galbraith’s (J.K. Rowling) Strike series, and for a pitching coach, there’s nothing more exciting than talking about strikes. On April 18, 2012 Bartolo Colon threw a modern day record 38 strikes in a row between the 5th and 8th innings in a 3-1 victoryContinue reading “Troubled Blood by Robert Galbraith”

The Girl With A Fairy’s Heart by Cody Lakin

A family friend came to one of my games when I was younger, maybe eleven, twelve, thirteen, and after the game when I thanked him for coming he said he’d rather watch one of my games than the pros. And at the time that made absolutely no sense to me. At all. The pros wereContinue reading “The Girl With A Fairy’s Heart by Cody Lakin”

Oscar Charleston vs. Buck O’Neil Game Three (Best of Nine)

For the third straight game, the score was tied after seven innings played between the Oscar Charleston All Stars and Buck O’Neil All Stars. The difference late in game three was Bullet Joe Rogan. After giving up four runs over the first four innings, Bullet Rogan decided enough was enough and took control of gameContinue reading “Oscar Charleston vs. Buck O’Neil Game Three (Best of Nine)”